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About Us

"The future of India lies in her children, and the future of India’s children lies in Education.”

 Vidya Pratishthan is a name fondly synonymous with education in all its myriad forms and academic aspects. Right since its inception in 1972, the Institution has majestically scaled the ladder of success with profundity that aptly reflects its commitment to accord educational facilities to all sections of society. Duly realizing the absolute necessity of providing class education to the kith and kin of farmers, labourers and villagers, Vidya Pratishthan took it upon itself the needbased endeavour of making education accessible to the poor and the deserving. Backed by the illustrious visionary, Hon. Shri Sharadchandra Pawar and indomitable leader, Hon. Shri Ajitdada Pawar with experienced guidance by the members of the Management Committee; the Pratishthan ushered in an era of imparting general as well as Technical Education through the Institutions, which are captained by illustrious personalities in their respective fields.

Our Story

Education and the Vidya Pratishthan seem inseparable today; in reality, we frequently see these complimentary terms. Since its founding in 1972, the institute has made every effort to make educational opportunities available to all facets of society. Sincere efforts have been made to reach out to these groups, which are primarily farmers and members of the working class and are the economically weaker segments of society. Eminent experts in various disciplines have also provided helpful advice to the organization's by president, Padma Vibhushan Shri Sharadchandraji Pawar, and  Shri Ajitdada Pawar. Currently, this Vidya Pratishthan banyan tree has 30 branches, one of which was started in the academic year 2016 to promote education in Supe Pargana.




To deliver high-quality education with a dedication to excellence through student-centered initiatives, activities, and learning services at college level  with excellent infrastructure and technological facilities where students can successfully complete their academic goals while upholding institutional standards.




Vidya Pratishthan’s supe  Arts, Commerce and Science College supe  is a socially conscious educational institute run by Vidya Pratishthan’s with the motto "where education is a way of  life" In addition, we are committed to empowering students from the society to become successful, sensitive, and highly valued citizens of our nation by providing them world class academic and technical education.


Core Values


  • Academic Excellence

Providing students with extensive knowledge, understanding, skills, and understanding of the interconnectedness of different disciplines underpins our commitment to academic rigor and integrity.

By continuously evaluating and improving our policies and procedures, we will demonstrate our commitment to personal and professional development.

  • Assessment and Improvement

In order to improve the teaching-learning process, we will continuously improve the assessment of student learning outcomes.

  • Work culture

Creating a collaborative environment that builds students' abilities to negotiate, resolve conflict, and work as part of a team; displaying initiative, and using their organizational skills to manage and plan their workload; and taking pride in their professional and personal integrity.

  • Honesty and Integrity

'Education is a way of life' is our society's motto. As a result of this, the college maintains the highest ethical standards, integrity and professionalism as well as a commitment to the welfare of disadvantaged sections of society.

  • Social Responsibility

The understanding and acceptance of social responsibilities. An appreciation of social and cultural diversity. An understanding and appreciation of human rights and ethics.

Executive Committee

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