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Welcome To Botany Department

About Department

In 2021, the college established the Department of Botany, with a mission to nurture the green revolution and create an eco-friendly future. The department offers a wide range of courses, including certificate courses, aimed at imparting knowledge and skills in plant sciences, ecology, and environmental studies.

The department has a team of experienced and dedicated faculty members, who are actively involved in research activities and have published papers in various national and international journals. They are committed to providing quality education to the students and encourage them to pursue research in the field of botany and allied sciences.

The department which provide an ideal environment for students to learn and conduct research. laboratory for students to study plant anatomy, morphology, and ecology.

The department also organizes regular seminars, workshops.

The Department of Botany aims to focus on nurturing the green revolution, the department is sure to make a significant impact on the world and create a better tomorrow.

Undergraduate Course

·         Name of The Programme- B.Sc.Botany

·         Duration -3 Years Credit and Semester based

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