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Welcome To Political Science Department

About Department

The Department of Political Science has graduate programmes started in 2018 for students who want to learn more about the political world around them. These programmes look at the political process and how it relates to political thought and philosophy. Students in Political Science are encouraged to get involved in social activities and to study government and related fields.

The faculty is not the only part of the department that has done well. Students who take Government and Politics get a broad background in political science. This is especially helpful for those who want to study political science at the graduate level. This class is also good for people who want to work in public service or go to law school or study public administration. With the help of Political Science programmes, students look at the basic ideas and theories of government, the economy, and civil society and figure out how to apply them to modern political systems. They can compare and contrast complex political issues and events in the context of the different political systems around the world. Students are ready to work as government relations specialists, public policy managers, and contractors in the private sector or for the federal, state, or local government. Students can use what they learn in this class to start or advance their careers in political science. From 2018, it became possible to specialise in political science

Undergraduate Course

·         Name of The Programme- B.A. Political Science

·         Duration -3 Years Credit and Semester based

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