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महाविद्यालायातील सर्व विभागाचे प्रवेश Onlineहोतील . 

Eligibility Certificate

Students migrating from other universities/Boards either from the state of Maharashtra or from outside Maharashtra state will be admitted to the college on Production of Eligibility certificate ( or a provisional admission certificate, pending issuing of the final Eligibility Certificate) from the University of Pune.

For this purpose the Students will have to apply to the Pune University in the prescribed form of Eligibility Certificate along with the following certificates in original (and a Xerox copy thereof)


  1. Passing Certificate

  2. Statement of Marks and

  3. Migration certificate from previous University/Board

  • Attendance Certificate

  • Character certificate from the Principal of the previous college

  • The Student have to pay the eligibility certification fees.


In all the cases the fees paid shall not be refunded (Ref. P.U. Circular no.82 of 1978)

The responsibility of obtaining an Eligibility Certificate from the Pune University lies with the students themselves.

The college will however provide necessary guidance.

N.B. The above rules of eligibility also apply to all students admitted to Post Graduate classes.



All the students seeking admission to F.Y. of all faculties are required to complete the eligibility formalities on or before due date positively in the interest of confirming their admission.

Those who fail to comply with this procedure for one reason or the other are to note that their admissions would automatically would stand cancelled for which the college authorities shall not be responsible whatsoever.

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